Golden Architecture

Konsep arsitektur emas yang memadukan antara fungsional dan keindahan desain dengan kualitas material serta pengerjaan/finishing terbaik”. Di D’ Golden Village kami mewujudkan melalui type rumah yang prestige


Golden Environment

Keseimbangan lingkungan emas yang berkelanjutan/suistainable dengan menjaga keseimbangan alam sebagai legacy/warisan untuk masa depan serta mengimplementasikan teknologi terkini dan ramah lingkungan


Golden Living

Kehidupan emas yang menstimulasi potensi positif warga untuk beribadah dan berkarya (vertikal dan horisontal). D’ Golden Village menghadirkan kehidupan yang sesungguhnya, dimana kualitas keluarga menjadi prioritas.


"We Create Golden Life: Golden Architecture, Golden Environment, and Golden Living"


Welcome to D’Golden Village Tamansari Bekasi. D’Golden Village is an exclusive housing cluster located in Tamansari Setu Bekasi. Our concept is to bring the best integrated unity of housing, landscape and facilities to fulfill the needs of a family. And our motto is to unite a peaceful yet pleasant living for you.

In D’Golden Village We provide the best environment for every house by surrounding it with a beautiful landscape.

For the public facilities, we provide a community center, mosque, gathering hall, barbequeing area, jogging track, swimming pool for children, and medical planting area to accomodate a Great, Happy, and a Healthy social living. And in the aim of optimizing the pleasant feeling of ‘being home’ we separate the housing area from this public area. We also seperate vehicle pathway from children’s playing ground. So D’Golden Village occupant’s safety and security is being guaranteed.

In the private unit design, we provide an innercourt, so that all the room will get a natural sunlight. We also use an environmentaly friendly material like Grassblock, and Losters. These Losters will make the environment and the building able to ‘breathe’ which in other words, it will let the wind through so the air inside the building will be kept fresh. This combination will create an optimized healthy living only for you.

So certainly D’Golden Village is the best choice of an IDEAL PLACE for you to spend the rest of the time with your family.


Type Pleasure

Type Peaceful

Type Peaceful Extra

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